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When planning dental prosthetics in Moscow, it is important to consider the types and prices of this type of orthopedic services. An informed choice of the best type of denture for the teeth is the joint work of the orthopedist and the patient. After examining the oral cavity, as well as collecting an anamnesis in terms of checking the absence of contraindications to certain procedures or materials, the doctor offers possible options for restoring teeth with fixed prostheses. The patient, in turn, chooses the appropriate one in accordance with the budget and his own preferences.

At the same time, it is important to understand that the belonging of zirconium structures to the premium segment is determined not only by their high cost, but by much higher indicators of aesthetics and strength. So, if the patient is allergic to metals, he needs to choose between solid ceramics and zirconium. At the same time, the service life of ceramic crowns varies within 5–10 years, and that of dioxide-zirconia from 20 to 25 years.


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For the convenience of patients of the clinic, we have provided the possibility of various methods of payment for dental services:

- cash payment,
- non-cash transfer,
- payment by terminal.


Doctor's response

For its patients, the «Dental» regularly runs loyalty programs - accumulative and one-time discounts, bonuses and other promotions.

More in our separate section - stocks of dentistry.


About Clinic

Dental Clinic on Mayakovskaya invites patients with any dental problems to diagnose, treat and restore teeth. In the conditions of our medical institution, professional assistance will be provided to you - quickly, painlessly, and with a guarantee of an effective and durable result.

- We work seven days a week on a convenient schedule
- We provide a wide range of dental services - from orthodontics to tooth restoration with modern implant systems
- We personally select the optimal treatment regimen or tooth restoration, take into account both the features of the clinical picture and the patient’s budget.
- The Dental Clinic effectively combines classic and advanced dental technology, all to achieve the best result.
- Modern technical equipment, including digital optical instruments, scanners, CAD-CAM equipment and the CEREC milling machine - provides ample opportunities in the diagnosis, treatment and prosthetics of teeth in 1 day.

People's Artist Irina Rozanova


Zirconium crowns Zirconium crowns

Zirconium crowns

55000 rub 60000 rub

Veneers Veneers


60000 rub

3D prosthetics Cerec 3D prosthetics Cerec

3D prosthetics Cerec

55000 rub 60000 rub


Zirconium crowns

Zirconium crowns can be used to repair single defects or combined into a bridge to bridge the “gap” of 2-3 teeth.

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The beauty of a smile directly depends on the condition of the frontal teeth. If the front teeth are imperfect, one of the effective ways to put them in order is veneering.

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3D prosthetics Cerec

Cerec – method of effective, quick and aesthetic restoration of teeth using computer technology.

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Dental implantation

Dental implantation – reliable and popular method of tooth restoration in Moscow. Do not miss your chance for healthy teeth.

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What guarantees do you give?

Warranties are provided for all types of dental materials and the work of Dental specialists. Speaking about implantation guarantees, we note that we are talking here both about the manufacturer’s guarantee (individually for each technology) and the clinic’s guarantee. We take warranty for the quality installation of implants for a period of 12 months. During this period, you can make sure that the work of the implantologist carried out flawlessly. The further “fate” of the implant being implanted is completely dependent on the patient and the quality of oral hygiene.


Are there any discounts?

For its patients, the Dental Clinic regularly runs loyalty programs - accumulative and one-time discounts and bonuses.

Can I pay by credit card or bank transfer?

For the convenience of the patients of the clinic, we have provided for the possibility of various methods of paying for dental services - cash, wire transfer, payment at the terminal.

Where is your clinic located?

Dental Clinic «Dental» is located in a convenient location - in the very center of Moscow, at the address 1 Tverskaya-Yamskaya Lane, 16.

What is better to choose prosthetics or implantation?

Prosthetics is a more affordable and less durable way to solve the problem of missing teeth. In addition, the installation of a fixed prosthesis requires an invasive effect on the supporting teeth. In this regard, implantation is much more effective and safe.

Are your prices final?

The price list of the clinic shows the current prices for dental services and materials. However, within the framework of a comprehensive program of services, pricing may be formed individually.

Do you do hygienic cleaning?

As part of our professional oral hygiene program, we offer patients the safe and effective cleaning of Air Flow.

Comfortable conditions

Often the patient’s reluctance to go to the dentist is due to psychological rejection of the hospital environment. We will be comfortable and calm in all respects with us - we took care of this, equipping the «Dental» clinic.

Loyal pricing policy

A large selection of technologies and materials will allow everyone to choose a method of treatment and restoration of teeth in accordance with their budget. At the same time, you get a guaranteed high-quality result.

Advanced dental technology

Laser, ultrasound, 3D-ceramics, the use of a microscope for endodontic treatment - we will provide the opportunity to use the most advanced technologies for the treatment and restoration of lost teeth.

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Churkina Lyudmila Vladimirovna

The atmosphere in the clinic is very pleasant, there is no fuss. A nice little thing - a rest room (waiting room). They will always offer coffee or tea; they will remind you of the planned visit. Dr. Maria Alekseevna is delicate, pleasant and professional. It's nice that no one is imposing extra. services. Everything is stipulated at once that it can wait, that it is better to cure immediately, what leads to what.



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